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Fighting against spammers in NetGator

spam comments in my dofollow blogI have made my blog 'Dofollow' just 2 hours ago. Within this time more then 50 comments has submitted. I am sorry to say that all are spam comments. Subjects are common. I am publishing a few of those comments to aware you against them. By the way, one person made all the comments and he/ she came from India. IP address is and ISP is NIB (National Internet Backbone)

This is full report of that criminal. Take a closer look at the image below and understand the new dimension of Indian business/ marketing policy.
spammers ip address and ISPHere are some comments of that guy:
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I thought people will be aware about this kind of comments if they found in their blog.


  1. Hello Maya! Just stopping by to thank you for your visit. :) Your blog is very informative. Keep up with the good work, and good luck with these nasty spammers. ;)

  2. Thank you 'mariblaser'. Thanks for visit and comment.


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