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I redesign my blog with designer

I have just changed my blog's theme. I use a customise theme provide by third party. Today I applied new blogger theme which is made available by Blogger itself.
Net gator blog's previous themeThis is my older template.
Net gator blog's new themeThis is my newer template.

I do it by using Blogger's new 'Template Designer' tools. Just login at and found a new link button at 'Layout' tab. Click on it and entered in a imaging area. I have just discover it, what a technology they have done for blogger's pleasure. Thank you Blogger team. I follow the methods to do the changes written below.

Template designer link button in Layout tab.
There I found some romantic options to decorate my blog. I choose a new template design from "Template" menu.

blogger template designer control panel

After selecting a design, I go to "Background" menu. There I choose a image file as my blog's background image.
blogger background photo control panel in designer menu

Then I go to "Layout" menu. I choose a perfect layout for my blog.
Blogger designer control panel layout menu

At last I changed colors of text, title etc. and press in "Apply" button on the upper right corner. And shout with "HOULAAAAAAAAA".

Thank you blogger. I love you.

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