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Blogger post gadget in Gmail and iGoogle

There is a very essential and time consuming feature in Blogger blog. You can post in your blog from Gmail and Igoogle homepage.

So you don't need to login in everytime when you want to post something.

This nice feature has a simple limitation. You can not upload any image via this gadget. If you want to add some image/ picture then you must try to upload it later.

How to get this Blogger posting gadget?

That's very simple. Just follow the suggestions below....

In Gmail:
In settings go to Lab feature. At the bottom of the list you will get a feature called " Add any gadget by URL".
add any gadget in GmailEnable it and save the settings. You will get a gadget at the left column on Gmail. Copy and paste the link below at the blank box,
and press "Add". You will see a gadget like the image below.
Blogger post gadgetIn iGoogle:
Do you love iGoogle like me? Adding this gadget in iGoogle is very ease. If you want to add a "Blogger Posting Gadget" to your iGoogle page, simply click this button:

Add to Google

It will take you to an another page. Click the blue "Add to Google" button. Sign in with your corresponding Google account.
Blogger post gadget in igoogleA gadget like this is added in iGoogle front page.

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