Download Full Circle Magazine #132 – ELEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!

Download Full Circle Magazine #132 – ELEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!

Here is an amazing news that, the famous Full Circle Magazine has been published it’s 11 years issue! This is the best magazine on Ubuntu Linux I’ve ever read. I read Full circle every month and learn various Linux news, command and customizations.

  • The regular topics are included in this month too. They are:
  • Command & Conquer
  • How-To : Python, Freeplane, and Ubuntu Touch
  • Graphics : Inkscape
  • Everyday Linux
  • Researching With Linux
  • My Opinion
  • My Story
  • Book Review: Cracking Codes With Python
  • Ubuntu Games: Dwarf Fortress
  • and also News, Qustion & Answers, and much more.

Editor Mr. Ronnie said in this editorial:

Well, plenty to write about this month. First, we have the return of the man, the legend, Greg Walters. Yes, he's back and with more Python. Second, we have the return of Miguel and his Ubuntu Touch series. This was put on hold while the Canonical Ubuntu Touch died off and the UbPorts Touch settled down in its place. Miguel is confident that what you'll learn now will be applicable to UbPorts Touch. Of course, as ever, we still have Freeplane, Inkscape, and the others. No Great Cow Basic this month, but it will hopefully return next month. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Charles McColm who's been with us for years with his Linux Labs column and KODI stuff. This month is a stand-in Linux Labs column, which will be the last one. We wish him all the best, and the door is always open for his return. Elsewhere in this issue we have our cover story of how to boot TEN Linux distros from one USB stick, SJ has written a short piece comparing Linux and BSD, and I've fallen down the rabbit hole that is Dwarf Fortress. You may have heard of it as it was the inspiration for a little game called Minecraft. I couldn't possibly write a tutorial that does Dwarf Fortress justice, so I'm just showing you how to get this behemoth up and running.

It's our birthday! Yes, it was ELEVEN YEARS AGO that the first Full Circle hit the virtual Internet shelves. I was hopeful of reaching eleven issues. I never thought it'd be eleven years! With a birthday issue always comes a survey to see what you good people think of us. This time I've tweaked the questions to ask more about what you do with Ubuntu, and other distros, and (of course) what you like/dislike about FCM. The link to the survey is:

All the best, and keep in touch!

Full circle is taking a survey to understand readers mind and everyday Ubuntu using habit. If you interested then plseas heed to this link and complete the survey to help them develop their activity more.

Download Full Circle magazine 132 issue from FCM site both in pdf (5.8MB) and epub format

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