Screenshot tool in Lubuntu Lxde

There is no any default screenshot tool in Lubuntu. So, if you want to take a screenshot then you have to press 'PrtSc' button.
Keyboad print screen button
PrtScr on Keyboard
Taken screenshot will save into Home folder. But, if you like to get a time delay screenshot, then you have to create a handmade screenshot tool. Yes, you can create it easily with some simple command.

Lubuntu shiped with a default graphic editor named 'mtPaint'. It has a time-delayed screenshot option in the menu (FIle> Actions> Time delayed screenshot).
file>actions>time delayed screenshot
We can use/ create a shortcut button to activate this action.  I wil tell you the easiest solution.

First of all open Leafpad, copy the codes below and save the file as '' in your home folder.

sleep 5; mtpaint -s

Now we have to create a application that runs our newly created shell script.

Open the following location as root.
'open current folder as root' in Tools Menu


Now Right Click and create a blank file.
Right Click and create a new blank file in lubuntu lxde application directory
Right Click and create a new blank file
Name it 'screenshot.desktop'. Paste the codes below in this file and save. Change "YOUR_USER_NAME" before save the file.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Grab Screenshot
Exec=sh /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/

You can change icon option if you like any icon from the folder

A shortcut icon named 'Grab Screenshot' should be placed in main menu.
grab screenshot shortcut launcher in Graphics submenu
grab screenshot shortcut
If not then you can create it following this post "How to add shortcut/ launcher in Lubuntu Or Lxde"
You have done. Now click the shortcut button to get a time delayed screenshot. Taken screenshot now will open with 'mtPaint'.

Acknowledgement: Image, idea, tips, codes all credit goes to lubuntu-screenshots post published in Lubuntu Tips blog.

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