Add Link or Edit Main Menu in LXDE or Lubuntu

Sometimes you may ask that how do I add a custom application link or shortcut in main menu when I running Lubuntu or any LXDE based distribution? Yes, this is easy with 'LXMED' aka LX Menu Editor.
LXMED' LXDE Main Menu Editor
LXMED' LXDE Main Menu Editor
Just heed to this site and explore.

They said in their website about their project that:
lxmed is a small, simple, free, open source, easy to use application that allows you to customize the LXDE menu.

lxmed is very useful for people that want to create their own, customized menus for LXDE.

lxmed is written in the Java programming language.
So, everything is simple and fast. Just try it. If any problem occurs, I am here to provide you any kind of help.

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