Change Login Background in Lubuntu or any LXDE based OS

 Change Login Background in Lubuntu or any LXDE  based OS
A default image showed as background in login prompt when computer start booting. We can change this background image in Lubuntu 12.04 easily. Configuration takes only few steps.

First of all select or create a image file which you like to show as background of login screen. Now place it in the folder below:


Need root privilege to do this job. You can do it with opening this location with root access. To do that click on Tools in Menu. A drop down Submenu will open. Click on "Open Current Folder as Root". Now you can able to paste the image file here.

I guess you are using 'PCManFm', so take an another tab and open another folder as written below:


Double click the file named 'lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf' or open this file with 'Leafpad'.
edit lightdm-gtk-greeter.configuration-file
lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf file

Now, change the background option. Change the location (If you place the image file on another folder) or change the filename only. Because you place the image file in the default directory.

Changes will be take effect after a simple logout.

Acknowledgement: Idea and image credit goes to the post "Lubuntu Login Screen: Changing the LightDM Background" published in 'Lubuntu Tips' blog


  1. not working

    1. You probably haven't given the right permissions on the file. Open up a terminal and change to /usr/share/lubuntu/wallpapers then do the following on your background image:

      sudo chmod 644 background.jpg && sudo chown root:root background.jpg

    2. not working

  2. it's really works. Thanks

  3. Works perfectly. Your blog is the first hint that Lubuntu is *not* using LXDM though. Thanks!

  4. Perfect! THX!
    lubuntu WTF!!

  5. thanks! works great with Peppermint 5 as well ;)

  6. thanks.
    great job.


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