Change close, maximize, minimize button position right to left in lubuntu

Change close, maximize, minimize button position right to left in lubuntu lxde
close, maximize, minimize button on left side
Changing 'Window Buttons Position' to the left side of the title bar is common in Mac OS. This great style first introduced in other operating system done by Ubuntu 10.04. From the beginning this feature get popularity very quickly. I think changing position of the window title bar buttons (close, maximize, minimize) make my works faster and easier. So, when I started to use Lubuntu 12.04, I am looking for this tweak for PCManFM. I found a solution in my favorite 'Lubuntu Tips' blog.

To do this tweak you should open lubuntu configuration file (lubuntu-rc.xml) and edit a line of code.

Open terminal and copy-paste the following line
leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

'lubuntu-rc.xml' file will open with text editor 'Leafpad'. Search for the following line of code in this file. It wil be about 45-50 lines from the top.


Here, every alphabet represent a corresponding icon like I wrote below.

N: Window icon
L: Window label (Window title).
I: Iconify
M: Maximize
C: Close
S: Shade (Roll up/ Roll down)
D: Omnipresent (On all desktops).

So, if you love to change the title bar icon position so rearrange the alphabet as your desire.

To change window buttons position in my lubuntu (LXDE) computer, I simply change the alphabet order as below.

Now, you have to Logout and Login computer to view new button positions.

Acknowledgement: Lubuntu Tips blog.


  1. OH! Great! Thanks for this tips. I also like to change the window button position to left side.

  2. It working. hurrrrrrreeeeeyyyy. thank you thank you thank you very much.


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