Some Folders to know in Lubuntu

Today I am writing about some folder which we can remember for further tweeks on Lubuntu (An lxde based distro from Ubuntu). In my side I am running Lubuntu 12.04 in some poor hardware. No problem at all. I am exploring and discovering many interesting things day by day. Using Lxde is really fast and funny. I like to write Lubuntu / Lxde experience in near future regularly.
I found some folders in Lubuntu which are used simultaneously everyday. I am writing their name in this post to just know about. Please help me to add more folders name in this post if you know.


This is your 'Home' folder. Your documents, music, pictures, videos, downloads etc. are live here.

If you press "Ctrl+h" in this folder's window, all hidden files will be visible.


This is the folder where your computers configuration files will be preserved.


You can make 4 panels in lxde desktop. Created panels and added shortcut links and there configuration files are saved here.

applications screenshot in my computer

This folder is for applications shortcut file. (.desktop file)


You can get icon from this folder. Even download icons should extraced here.


All download applications, tools, libraries, dependency, installer, .deb files are saved here. After certain installation or update you could copy all files from here and burn them in a cd for further use. You can convey installed software application in this way and install them in your friends computer.

My downloaded files in 'archives' folder

I have 460 items in this folder. Total size of files is 361.8 MB.

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