How to add shortcut icon on panel in Lubuntu Lxde

application shortcut icon launcher top panel lubuntu lxde screenshot
Shortcut icons on top panel of my lubuntu desktop
 Look at the image titled 'Icons on top panel in lubuntu'. There are 20 icons working as launcher of corresponding application. Sometime we thought that creating launcher or shortcut icon on panel in lxde is not easy. I don't think so. If you love to know my technics, I would like to explain it now.

  • First of all create a "filename.desktop" in Applications (/usr/share/applications) folder pointed your desired software.
  • Now go directly to Panels folder using this link /home/USERNAME/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu/panels.
  • I have two panel configuration files in this folder. I open 'top' panels configuration file with 'LeafPad'. 
  •  You have to add a launcher onto the panel before adding some code.
  •  Look at the Plugin section where "type = launchbar" is written. 
  • Write the code below and change its direction according to your system.
    Button {


  •  Here, I create a 'firefox14.desktop' file in applications folder using the codes below before.

  • [Desktop Entry]
    Coment= Browse internet
    firefox14 shortcut desktop file icon on application folder in lubuntu lxde
    firefox14 shortcut desktop file icon on application folder in lubuntu lxde
    { I download firefox 14.0.1 (firefox-14.0.1.tar.bz2) from mozila site. Extract the compressed file in 'firefox' folder on 'Home' }

    Now restart Lubuntu session and login back. You should get a new shortcut link in top panel now.

    I added more then 10 shortcut link in launcher section onto the 'top panel'.

    I wish you understand creating/ making a shortcut launcher icon on panel in Lubuntu or Lxde linux. Though if you have anything to ask me, please use commenting tool below.

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