Network traffic monitor (NTM) for Ubuntu, LinuxMint

Network traffic monitor is a tiny tool which always monitor your internet data amount. How much you download and how much you upload and how do you want to control your internet using habit. Yes, if you have limited internet plan and if you want to know your periodical uses data amount this NTM (Network traffic monitor) can help you. It will work on Ubuntu, LinuxMint and other Linux without any problem. It has some special feature which must satisfy you about your internet using habit.
Network traffic monitor for Ubuntu LinuxMint peppermint libuntu xubuntu
Network Traffic Monitor
Some special features or characteristic taken from main NTM website.

  • Choice of the interface to monitoring.
  • Period to monitoring: Day, Week, Month, Year or Custom Days. With autoupdate.
  • Threshold: Autodisconnection if a limit is reached (by NetworkManager).
  • Traffic Monitoring: Inbound, outbount and total traffic; Show the traffic speed.
  • Time Monitoring: Total time of connections in the period.
  • Time Slot Monitoring: Number of sessions used.
  • Reports: Show of average values and daily traffic of a configurable period.
  • Online checking with NetworkManager or by "Ping Mode".
  • The traffic is attributed to the day when the session began.
  • Not need root privilege.
  • Not invasive, use a system try icon.
How to install Network Traffic Monitor (NTM) on your Ubuntu or LinuxMint machine?
This is very easy guy. Just visit to this download page and download the 'DEB' file. Double click on that downloaded 'deb' file. NTM will install instantly. It will run automatically after every startup and stay at system tray as a applet. 
Network traffic monitor for Linux preferences
NTM preferences
Right click on that applet and customize it according to your need. Heed through various tab like 'General', 'Date', Traffic', 'Time Slot' and 'Time' and change values to meet your target. If you can not understand or configure anything please do not shy to ask me.


  1. If you are using console, then i would recommend using iptraf and iftop for traffic and bandwidth monitoring.

  2. Problem is on ubuntu and mint it only works if gnome network manager is installed, if you use Wicd then it does not work at all and network manager has issues of frequent disconnections on mint 18x

    I believe that we have reached up at a stage on the linux platform in terms of maturity that now these small things should be part of the Basic default installations in the Linuxmint / Ubuntu Platforms like any other internet programs firefox / thunderbird or Torrent apps.



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