Download Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu 12.04

You may know that Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Published to download. But there are more Ubuntu derivatives which you can taste. They are Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu. All distributions are now have 12.04 version. All are LTS (Long term support). From this version ubuntu and its all derivatives will get security and other support for 5 years. I think this distributions might be helpful for you if you want some different essence according to your choice, working habit and hardware support. Here I am explaining one by one.

Normally the default Ubuntu use Gnome as a desktop environment. But canonical decided to remove Gnome and replace Unity as DE. And Kubuntu use KDE as its default desktop environment. If you like more eye candy function, if you like more glamorous environment on your computer desktop, then Kubuntu is perfect for you. As the Kubuntu site said:
Built on Ubuntu's core and polished with KDE’s applications and workspaces, Kubuntu 12.04 LTS is a grand example of friendly, fast and beautiful software. We recommend it as the perfect OS for casual users, students, Linux gamers, software developers, professionals, and anyone interested in a free, open platform that is both beautiful and useful.
Kubuntu 12.04 wallpaper and desktop
Kubuntu 12.04 wallpaper and desktop
Beautiful looks, visual effects, scalable graphics will heed you to a new kind of desktop experience. It is a familliar working environment. Your desktop experience will not only be smooth but also pleasant to the eye. To know more about plasma desktop please visit plasmadesktop for more information.

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Do you love your child very much? Then I must suggest you that it is the right and perfect open source operating system for your child under 16.
Edubuntu 12.04 login screen and desktop
Edubuntu 12.04 login screen and desktop wallpaper
What included in this distro? Actually everything for your child who is very curious about learning, gaming and experiencing. As the Edubuntu website said:

Edubuntu is a grassroots movement, we aim to get Ubuntu into schools, homes and communities and make it easy for users to install and maintain their systems. We are students, teachers, parents and hackers who believe that learning and knowledge should be available to everyone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them.
It can be use as a default system at your home or school or any kids training center.

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Lubuntu 12.04 desktop wallpaper
Lubuntu 12.04 desktop wallpaper

Lubuntu is lightweight , energy saving and faster operating system for low configured hardware. I personally like Lubuntu for its smooth behavior. Lubuntu is for fast and easier use. It is not resource hungry like other os. So you can use it for your old computer and netbooks. It include pcmanfm as file manager. LXDM for desktop management. Leafpad as default text editor (not word editor) and the default web browser is Chromium. As for office management a light word processor Abiword and light spreadsheet program Gnumeric (both compatible with Microsoft Office™ documents) are included with Lubuntu. Organize your life with Osmo. Evince reader for PDF files. This 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) version of Lubuntu will be supported until October 2015. Lubuntu will run normally on 256 MB physical RAM. Read more about Lubuntu at homepage. Read Lubuntu one stop thread at Ubuntu Forum for tips and tricks. Five handy Lubuntu tips might help you and save your time. Visit Lubuntu blog to view more updated news.

Complete list of applications can be found on

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It is an another lightweight distribution based on Xfce desktop environment. Xfce is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment and it taste like windows explorer.
Xubuntu 12.04 desktop and wallpaper
Xubuntu 12.04 desktop and wallpaper
Using Xubuntu you will get free security updates for at least 18 months and three years support for the Long Term Support (LTS) version. It comes with the light-weight yet feature-rich Abiword for word-processing needs, and Gnumeric for creation and manipulation of spreadsheets. Both Gnumeric and Abiword are compatible with their respective popular file formats like doc, odt etc. From 12.04 it included a Dock panel on bottom of desktop. So applications can be find easily and smartly. Though official prefer 528 but I ensure you that Xubuntu need only 256 MB physical ram to run smoothly. Get more information from Home site. More suggestion about this distro can be found on many place like Ubuntu or Xubuntu blog.

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  1. The main problem with Kubuntu (or the KDE Plasma desktop) is that Ubuntu Software Center doesn't work with it. Additionally, Muon - the KDE equivalent to Ubuntu Software Center - doesn't work either.

    Of course, for advanced users this doesn't matter since they will likely use the command line and apt-get or synaptic to install / remove software.

    You should add Ubuntu Studio to your list. Ubuntu Studio is customized to video / graphic and audio content creators.

    1. Thank you friend. I have not taste Kubuntu yet. Yes, I will write a post about Ubuntu Studio and other Ubuntu based os later.

  2. good job. Thanks

  3. Hey, I install LinuxMint KDE. I tried several times but everytime kde software center crashed. I can't install anything yet. What should I do?


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