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Now, you can view your blog on any smartphone mobile device. You can view and visit blogspot blog from any smartphone viewing default web layout. But mobile template is fully different then original view. Blogger or any original web template has a common problem. When anybody trying to read a blogspot blog from mobile phone s/he might feel some disturb, when s/he has to always scroll through the screen. Mobile template is free from this kind of hassle.

My 'NetGator' blog on mobile view
My 'NetGator' blog on mobile view

How to enable mobile view on blog? This is very easy. Just follow the suggestions below:
  • Login '' dashboard with corresponding user id and password.
  • Directly go to 'Settings> Email & Mobile'
enable mobile view blospot blog from draft.blogger dashboardSelect "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template." on 'Show mobile template' area of "Mobile Template" section. Click on 'MOBILE PREVIEW' to check your blog's mobile view.

If you use default new 'Designer' templates then you will get 6 more template to suit your blog. If you use customize blogspot template then you might get only one mobile view template. I publish my 'NetGator' blogs mobile view screenshot on this post.

I wish this new mobile view feature will bring your blog's visitor (who are visiting from mobile phone) to a new portable blogger horizon.

Keep in mind that this feature is still in 'Beta' version'. So, active this feature on your own risk. Things might happen different. Then you can not blame anybody. or I wont take any responsibility or your valuable loss.

At last click on 'SAVE SETTINGS' and Enjoy!!

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