'antiX OS' Installed Succesfully

antiX operating system desktopantiX M8.5 operating system desktop
I download an another flavour of Debian based Linux. It called 'antiX'. It use icewm as a window manager. So, it takes a very small space to install itself. It can be run in any lightweight hardware. (Window Manager 'WM' is not a desktop environment, so has no many feature. But, it also do necessary jobs.)

Not like others, antiX include various file manager by default. You can use 'Rox' (Used in Puppylinux) or 'pcmanfm' (Used in LXDE) both in this nice distro. So, it will run on older computer. Recommended RAM is 128MB but you can use 64MB to install it. It can operate older PII 266 systems. It takes 1.2GB hard disk space.

There are plenty of applications I found on Main Menu. I don't want to discuss them here. I will publish another posts on 'antiX screen-shot' .
antiX main menu screenshotantiX Main Menu
Thank you 'antiX' for not deleting my systems 'grub' options. Other installations are showing on grub menu.

In this moment I am using antiX to publish this post and browsing internet. That means, I have successfully configured antiX to connecting internet via my Nokia E51 mobile phone. Have a simple problem. 'wvdial' command require root terminal to connect. General user terminal start dial, found misc signal ok but at last it failed to connect. It said:
Could not modify /etc/ppp/chap-secrets: Permission denied
I will post details later. Without this problem I feel happy with 'antiX' linux.

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