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Backup Ubuntu with AptonCD

This is a very old method, though I am publishing it for new Ubuntu users.

Sometime we may want to install Ubuntu in our friends computer to try. If he has not have any internet connection then he must not get full features like mp3 playing, or some video codec. Or if I just reinstall Ubuntu and want to get back all my software intact, then AptonCD is a easiest method to do so.

AptonCD can be installed via Software Center.
After install, it is available at System> Administration>AptonCD

Click there and Run it.
backup ubuntu aptonCDAt first page you will see two button (Create and Restore) waiting for your click. Click Creat.
Now it will show all of your recently installed package list. You can choose your preferred application from here. It is better to select all as default. You can add more packages from your harddisk. Now click on Burn it and right bottom. It will show a dialogue box, click on Apply.
You Ubuntu system will backup on a ISO file. Now you can create a backup CD with this ISO file using any CD Creator program like Brasero or K3b.

Now we will restore with this backup CD.
Normally you need to install 'AptonCD' program on your friends computer. Put newly build CD in CDRom and run AptonCD from System> Administration>
Click on Restore. Everything will backup within seconds.
But if you dont want to install AptonCD in your friends computer then run the commands below in terminal. It will restore directly from CD.
sudo apt-cdrom add
sudo apt-get update
First command will add CD in the source repo, and the second command will update repo index.
Now install your desired software from synaptic package manager.

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