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100 more alternatives to default profile image

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Last night I am searching my harddisk drive for a file. On that time I found a folder containing more then 300 avatar image for Facebook, Myspace, Forum or any web/ online profile. I downloaded them 3 years ago. Now I have forgotten the weblink of these files (Sorry, If you know the url of that site, please inform me, I want to acknowledge). I am going to delete them, But before that I thought I can share them in my blog. So, I am sharing all picture files with you. All are free to download, use and share with others.

In this post I published only 10 profile image as a preview. I put all 100 alternative profile image/ pictures in a zip file. Download this archive and use as a profile avatar. All images are 100*100 pixel.

Here is the download link:
Zip file size 1.4 MB.

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