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What is my IP address?

Today I am trying to know my IP address. IP stands for "Internet Protocol". My internet service provider give me dynamic ip address everytime when I connect to internet. There is no option to get any static ip address. I know that it changes everytime I press connect button. I tried to know my current IP address. But failed. Yes. I am failed to know my correct IP address. I know you won't believe me. You will say that there are many many website who shows vosotprs ip address if I just visit them. So why don't I get any answer of this simple question.

what is my ip internet protocol address.comThis is result of whatismyip.com

what is my ip address .organd this is result of whatismyip.org

Wait friend, I am explaining. Look at the two pictures I uploaded above. Both results say two type of answer. Those picture was taken tomorrow. I am giving you todays result below.
  • First result from whatismyip.com. It says that my ip address is ***.**.7.115
  • Second result from whatismyip.org. It says that my ip is ***.**.7.178
  • Third result from whatismyipaddress.com. It shows that my ip address is ***.**.7.178
  • Fourth result from ip-adress.com. It says that my IP Address is ***.**.7.17
  • Fifth result from whatsmyip.org. It says that my ip address is ***.**.7.146
Besides five results, only two of them shows same result. Other three webtool shows different result from each other. I am confused. What is my real ip address in this moment? I don't know, how can I know that?

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