PCLinuxOS LXDE Review and Screenshots

Some days ago PC Linux OS has destroyed my everything, when I install it on a hard disk. None of any Linux distribution behave bad like this way with me before. Though, I wanted to test the flavour of this so called famous Linux distribution. I download several variant like
  • pclinuxos-lxde-2010.iso
  • pclinuxos-lxde-mini-2010.iso
  • pclinuxos-openbox-2010-07.iso and
  • pclinuxos-ZEN-mini-2010.iso
I run them on 'Oracle VM Virtual Box'. I am really impressed to viewing the nice colour combination of this operating system. I agree that developers has a colourful mind. But, what happened next, I will tell you later. Here, I am sharing some screenshot of 'PCLinuxOS LXDE 2010'.

PCLinux OS LXDE DesktopPCLinux OS LXDE Desktop

PCLINUX OS main menuPCLinux os main menu

I know that PCLinuxOS is a Red Hat based distribution. Authority publish this distro decorating it with various desktop environment. It has kde, gnome, lxde, xfce, openbox various version. So, end user can choose it as their requirement. If anybody has modern, higher, powerful hardware then they should choose kde based version, if anybody want to try it on low-end machine, then they will choose lxde or xfce version. This is a really good and freindly idea. I like it.
You know, I am a fan of light and faster desktop environment. So, I peek LXDE version to introduce with you.

left panel pclinuxos desktopBottom left panel
Pclinux os bottom panel right application shortcutsApplication shortcuts on PCLinux OS bottom panel right side

Features I found:

As the name says, this flavour based on LXDE. After testing Peppermint os and install LXDE on Ubuntu, I am quite familiar with this environment. So, I play with panel, menu, desktop decoration like theme, colour, icon, cursor. I also click on synaptic package manager and test configuration items on main menu. They changed its name. Originally it named 'preference'. This is not a subject to discuss. They can do it.
  • AbiWord is added by default. But anybody can download Openoffice by clicking on 'Get OpenOffice' button.
  • MP3 don't start with double click. It require drag and drop on LX Music Player.
  • Default video player is SM Player. It can play many video format. I tried with mpg, mpeg, flv, avi etc. and succeed.
  • Folders or files are selecting automatically. At first I thought that my mouse has problem. But after some seconds I understood that it is a feature.
  • Firefox is default web browser.
  • GIMP, Imagemagick, MTPaint are added on Graphics section.
  • They also added Bleachbit, the great system cleaner
By default when it comes to desktop it runs on 'Guest' account. Everybody logged in as 'guest' at first time (Live mode). Login information are showing on desktop as image. Username and password. guest-guest, root-root.

What I found different?
Nope. There is no any special application which I have not found on Peppermint or LXDE on Ubuntu. But I have found a huge difference with other distro in a fancy area. It is on 'Screen Saver' section. If you like various kind of screensaver then you might like this distro very much. I don't like this kind of graphical illusionary thing so much. Actually I don't need to use screensaver too often. Though, I should say that I found some screensaver here, which I wish to get on Ubuntu or Peppermint os by default.

And last, I must say that, I would not recommend PCLinuxOS to you. Why? Read the next post.


  1. PCLinuxOS is based on Mandriva, not Red Hat.

    Please, try to read over your article before you upload. There are many mistakes in grammar that should have been corrected.

  2. Thank you friend for your corrections.

    Yes, my english is very bad. I need help to improve it. If you like to stay with me on learning english please email me. I like to contact you personaly.

    Thanking you again.

  3. Thank you for your review, and the screenshots were helpful to me also.


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