New version of Slax has been published

After several years of inactivity Slax project has been brought to life again in new version 9.2.1.
Slax os 9.2.1
Slax is a Live operating system based on Linux. Slax boots from USB mass storage devices such as Flash Drive keys as well as from regular hard drives and CD/DVD discs. Simply plug your device in and boot from it. Entire Slax operating system resides in a single directory /slax/ on your device, making it easier to organize with your other data.

The new Slax using Debian stretch as its base. So 'apt' command n do it's best. To install any software in Slax, use 'apt install SOFTWARENAME'.

Graphical desktop uses FluxBox window manager and xLunch, which was written especially for Slax and with Slax needs in mind. Furthermore the development of xLunch continues independently.

There are only few applications included, Chromium is used as a web browser and video player, and there is also leafpad and calculator.
Slax desktop
Slax desktop

Slax provides FluxBox window manager already preconfigured for the most common tasks. Included is a Web browser chromium, Terminal emulator xterm and simple text editor leafpad and calculator qalculate. You can put Slax on wide range of different filesystems, including EXT (ext2,ext3,ext4), btrfs, and even FAT and NTFS.

When Slax is started from a read-only media such as CD/DVD, it keeps all system modifications in memory only, and all the modifications are lost when you reboot. On the other hand, if you run Slax from a writable device such as USB Flash Drive, it can store all changes there, so all your configurations and modifications are restored next time you boot, even if it is on a different computer. This feature is known as Persistent Changes.

Slax 32bit version
Processor: i586 or newer CPU, all Intel processors
and AMD processors will work
Memory: 128 MB of RAM for desktop
512 MB of RAM to run Web browser
Peripherals: CD or USB drive to boot from Optionally: network card, sound card

Some text-mode utilities included in this new Slax

The text-mode offers wide variety of system tools. These tools are also available in the graphical user interface as well. Use 'xterm' to run the text-mode utilities.
Archival utilities
gzip and gunzip Reduces the size of the named files using Lempel-Ziv coding
bzip2 and bunzip2 Compresses files using the Burrows-Wheeler block sorting text compression algorithm
xz and unxz Compression utility based on the LZMA algorithm ned by Igor Pavlov as part of 7-Zip
zip and unzip Compression and file packaging utility compatible with PKZIP (Phil Katz's ZIP)
cpio and tar Programs to manage archives of files
Disk utilities
fdisk Partition table manipulator for Linux, which supports only MBR (Master Boot Record) partitions
hdparam and sdparam Utility for listing and potentially changing ATA/IDE and SCSI disk parameters
mdadm Utility program for creating, managing, and monitoring Linux MD (Software RAID) devices
Hardware monitoring tools
dmidecode Dumps computer's DMI table contents. This table contains a description of the system's hardware components
smartctl Controls and monitors storage devices using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)
Filesystem utilities
mkfs Tool to build a Linux or other supported filesystem, such as: ext2/3/4, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, jfs, ntfs, fat, and more
fsck Utility to check and repair the supported filesystems (see above)
tune2fs Allows the adjustment of various tunable filesystem parameters on Linux ext2, ext3, or ext4 filesystems
CD ripping/burning software
genisoimage create ISO9660/HFS/Joliet CD-ROM images (so called .iso files)
System utilities
lsof Lists information about files that are open by the processes running on the system
htop process viewer that is similar to the well-known "top" program, but provides much more features
Data recovery tools
ddrescue Copies data from a file or device to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors
rsync Remote file sync program
Networking tools
ip Shows and manipulates routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels
nc Utility which reads and writes data across network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol
networkctl Introspect the state of network links
Windows shares support
mount -t cifs command to mount a windows share so it appears like a local filesystem
Other tools
ssh OpenSSH client
service ssh start OpenSSH server
mc Midnight commander file manager which includes FTP/SCP client, hex viewer and text editor
apt Application Packaging Tool to install additional software

Applications for desktop in Slax
xterm Terminal program (command line GUI)
chromium Internet web browser and video player (runs as guest)
leafpad Simple text editor
qalculate Powerfull calculator
scrot Screenshot capturing program, press PrintScreen button to invoke
feh Simple image viewer and background setter
Slax logo
Slax logo

Download slax from Slax home page

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