Play NeoGeo Games on Ubuntu

NeoGeo Game play Ubuntu with GngeoNeoGeo Game play Ubuntu with Gngeo

How do I play 'NewGeo' Games on Ubuntu Linux- it is a common queston from new linux users. At "Windows' Operating System most user use an emulator to run NeoGeo games, but what about Ubuntu? Today I am giving you some information about NeoGeo Games playing. This is not much hard as you think. Just download Gngeo from 'Synaptic Package Manager' and run 'Rom' for the game.

You can download and check 'xmame' or 'kmame' to run game ROMs..

Or, if you don't want to download anything run windows version exe based Neogeo using 'Wine' in Ubuntu. Everything will run normal. You can able to play your favorite game in Linux too.

For further news and compiling method visit for more information.

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