I have enable mobile view of my blogger blog

I just enable mobile view of my blogger blog 'netgator.blogspot.com'. You also can enable this on your blogspot blog easily. Look at the image right side of this post. This is my 'NetGator' blog's snapshot but quite different in view and arrangement. Yes, this is called mobile view. If you have a smarter mobile phone (modern mobile device powered by latest mobile operating system) then you can see my blog in this style. You can view it when you have no desktop pc/ laptop/ netbook in your hand. Say, you are visiting country side by bus or foot or hiking a mountain. In this kind of abnormal place (where you can not use desktop/ laptop/ netbook) a smartphone can feed your blogsite reading hungry.

Do you have a blogger/ blogspot blog? Want to enable mobile view on your blog?
  • Log In to http://draft.blogger.com site.
  • On Dashboard, directly go to Settings.
  • Now click on 'Email & Mobile'
  • Click to mark the radio button next to the sentence "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template."
  • Click on 'Mobile Preview' blue text button to see a preview.
  • Click 'Save Settings' at the bottom of this page.
  • You have done.
  • Remember that, it is a beta effort. So blogger do not give any guarantee to work it perfectly.
By the way I have not any smartphone. So I can not check the actual view of my blog. I publish the screenshot taken from 'Mobile Preview' option.

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