Gconf frontend 'gTweakUi' to show 'My computer' 'Trash' Icon on Ubuntu desktop

Monthe ago I have published a post named Show My computer Recycle Bin in desktop on Ubuntu This is a very easy method. But if you don't want to work on the heart of Ubuntu or want to use a frontend of Gconf then you can install this tiny tool from synaptic. It can work various job on Ubuntu machine.

What can 'gTweakui' do:
  • It can change behavior and appearance of 'Menus'.
  • Can show 'My computer' icon, 'Trash' icon, 'My Home' icon on desktop.
  • Can change names of desktop launcher.
  • Can change configuration on 'Session Properties'. It can enable 'Save session automatically', 'Show logout menu', 'Show splash screen on login'
How to install?
Go to Synaptic Package Manager and search for 'gtweakui' keyword. You will get a result which says:
This is a fairly simple project. A collection of simple dialogues as a
front end to GConf. We will provide extra configuration settings for GNOME
that 'power users' have been requesting since the release of GNOME 2.0.
Presently, dialogs with settings for Nautilus, the Session and Menus are provided.
download gtweakui from synaptic package managerDownload gtweak from synaptic package manager
It will take only 68.7 kb to download and 471kb to poses space. So do not hesitate about your harddisk space.
gtweakui took a little space on harddisk to installgtweakui took a little space on harddisk to install
After completing install it will found on 'System > Preferrence'.

Configuration is very easy. Run a tweak tool and change various jobs only with a single click. It like to click to enable with a radio butoon. You do not need to remember or copy-paste any code. There is no chance to make mistake, which might cause severe damage of system.
gteakui configuration generalgteakui configuration Nautilus
Enjoy and share this post if you like this simple tool.

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