Woman brutally lashed in Sudan

An another islamic treatment to woman published in Youtube video. An woman getting punishment publicly just for ware a pant. I saw in this amazing video that she ware islamic cloth. Sudanese police discover yellow pant under her islamic cloth and sentence her 100 flogs. Governor of Khartum Abder Rahman al-Khidir claims that the woman was being punished under sharia,

They threat to her: We'll jail you for 2 years if you don't bend down and seat on the ground. Come and sit down. Sit down quickly, we want to go. Sit down before it is too crowdy. Legs down.

She is crying "Oh my mum. Oh I want my mum... Oh my mum.

After 10-15 lash someone said: That's enough
But another person said: It should be 53 lashes.
This kind of islamic attack to woman is very general in many islamic country in this green world. I don't know when will muslims understand that their faith and behaviour is not suitable for a civilised world.

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  1. Horrible though these kinds of videos are, this kind of story is being promoted only now by the CIA to encourage support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by feminist groups in Europe. The wars are a separate issue which need to be stopped also.


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