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Why schools should use free software

I have just reading an article on open source software. Famous open source activist Richard Stallman wrote on "Why we need to use it, why we should support it etc." I like to share this article with you all.
He said only about schools and necessity of open source software. He said:
The purpose of this article is to state additional reasons that apply specifically to education.

First, free software can save schools money. Free software gives schools, like other users, the freedom to copy and redistribute the software, so the school system can make copies for all the computers they have. In poor countries, this can help close the digital divide.
Yes that is the real fact. I support open source software. I also on the side of using open software on schools and office and our daily life. Please read the article at the link below.

Why Schools Should Exclusively Use Free Software written by great Richard Stallman.

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