PC Linux OS destroyed my works

I have an extra harddisk. I install newer operating system on it. I installed Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Peppermint one, Peppermint Ice, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Open Suse, Fedora and Dream Linux on it. Today at afternoon I have install PCLOS Gnome on this harddisk. But alas. When I restart my machine, I astonised to see that all OS has gone from grub menu.

What a bad luck. I know PC Linux OS won't take any liability for it. But, I am sure that it is done by pclinuxos. No other operating system have not done this kind of odd job before. I don't know why pclinux os delete others from grub list.


  1. PCLinuxOS uses legacy grub like Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva and many others. If you paid attention to the bootloader screen, you could have told PCLinuxOS to install grub to the partition you were using to install it on. This is also explained in the installation help on the LiveCD.

  2. Dear Anonymous, thanks for comment. I did not find any option when I installed PCLOS. I should read help on the livecd before install. But I had not need to read any help file when I tried Ubuntu, Mint or Peppermint.

  3. Grub and Grub2 are two different beasts.
    When you install a second or more distro with Grub, it will not recognize Grub2 settings. There are all kinds of posts about this behavior. Search for redo-grub. http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,65851.0.html http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,74985.0.html and also do a search on the Buntu fora. Wish you good luck with testing and learning. Ed


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