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View Motherboard type on Ubuntu

At last post I have give you some informations on my Motherboard. If you want to know about your Motherboard type, Manufacture name, Rom info etc. then you may use these commands below.
  • To view Motherboard Manufacture: Type “sudo lshw" (Without quote mark) in terminal. Enter password and press enter. It will show you all the basic information about your system's motherboard. You can view model number, version and vendor.
  • To know more about Motherboard: Type “Sudo dmidecode” (Without quote mark) in the terminal prompt. Enter password and press enter. It will show you more information on ROM size and wake up type of motherboard. If you dig more then you will get a list on the motherboard manufacturer, product name, serial number, and other information about the system BIOS.
  • You can save this list as a html file in your home folder. Type "sudo lshw -html > mysystemhardwarelist.html" (Without quote mark) in the terminal prompt. A html file named 'mysystemhardwarelist.html' will save in your computers home folder.
Now I wish you can determine/ view/ get information about your system motherboard very easily in Ubuntu Linux. This command will work on every version of Ubuntu.


  1. Thank you. Very clear and complete. It was just what we needed.

  2. Thanks for this command. It save my time.


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