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'Send to' right click option in ubuntu linux

An Windows operating system user use 'Send to' option to send a file or folder to usb pen-drive. But what about Ubuntu Linux. Dear friend, there is a very powerful 'Send to' option in Ubuntu Linux which you can not imagine at Windows platform. Look at the picture below. I mark 'Send to' option on this image.

Right click any file or folder. A menu will open. Look at the bottom of this menu. Click on that 'Send to' link.
Clicking on 'Send to' you will open a newer dialogue box, which will show you some option. I insert a 4 GB Usb pendrive. It is showing in the list. Beside this you can send file or folder via Email, Bluetooth, CD/DVD Recorder or even in Instant message via Empathy.
Send to usb pendrive option on right clickYou can send it as compressed file. Choice is yours. Make it 'Zip', or '.tar.gz' or '.tar.bz2'.

Now tell me, can you get this kind of facility in Windows??

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