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Muslims are burning Bibles

Malawi Muslims burning BiblesA news published at New york post last 06 october 2010 that "Malawi Muslims burning Bibles". Some days ago when Reverend want to burn a silly qoran, we all know that what muslims said. Then they even threaten humanity for just a book. They said this is not just a book, this is a holy book. But now I want to hear their voice. I know they won't answer me. Then even stop to talk to anybody about this matter. This is the true face of islam and muslim. They will not speak a single sentence about this ugly islamic activity. Actually they support it, but show another face to us. They want democracy to them but don't want to honor others democracy. America should learn from this. Every year America importing muslim terrorist from islamic country. Don't believe it? I will tell you later.

I did not say anything about this dirty theory (islam) in my blog. Even I did not think to express myself in this way. But day by day I really feel disturb by islam. So, I changed my mind. I add a webbutton/ badge on the right sidebar of my blog. On the very first day when I add this button on my blog the number says :
islam threatening humanity, killing innocent peopleAt least 16046 people killed after 9-11 massacre on twin tower NewYork. I must remember that day all my life.
muslim terrorist killing many people since 911The number of victim caused by muslims increased day by day.

I am publishing full news from New York Post.
LILONGWE, Malawi -- Muslims in southern Malawi have been burning Bibles to protest their distribution in Islamic schools by Gideon's International, a Muslim Association of Malawi official said yesterday.

The Bibles "annoyed some parents and other leaders, who have resorted to burning the holy books . . . in protest," said Sheik Imran Sharif.

He said the burning of bibles was carried out by a few Muslim fanatics, and the association has ordered them to stop.
News Source Link. What a shame to you all so called democratic muslim. SPIT to you and to your so called peaceful koran and hadis and mohammed.

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