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Best File Share or Hosting Site Online

Best File Share/ Hosting site Box.netWhich is the best file sharing or hosting site on internet? Which site do you use usually to store your valuable important files online? What type of service do you want when you trying to share a file online with your friends?

You may think these questions yourself or ask someone several times. But you did not get correct answer yet? Am I right? If your answer is 'yes' then please give me some seconds to explain myself. I am also curious to know it. I also need it. I am not an online geek, so I don't need much. I use only I enjoyed it's feature. The best thing of is, it does not allow any illegal item to upload. But there are many better file hosting services are waiting to help us. I like to know their name and weblink. I searched Google and found some name to share. I did not visit all of them but I wish to do it in near future. In this post I am just writing some name of the best file sharing or file hosting site found on internet. Store your file online and share them with us using the hosting services below.
  2. Google Sites
  3. Google Docs
  4. FileDropper
  5. WikiSend
  6. Streamfile
  7. Dropbox
  8. Badongo
  9. DivShare
  11. Windows Live SkyDrive
  12. 4Shared
  13. Mediafire
I wish, this list might help you to find a online file sharing solution. But you may ask which is the best webtool for general user?


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