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Visitors OS variation on my blog

Today I am quite curious about my visitors Operating System. You know I have add a tracker on my blog. I took that free visitors tracker from Sitemeter. When I am going checking to know about the operating system of my visitor blog. I got confused with two type of information.

Sitemeter said that most of my blog visitors using Linus.
But blog's default (newly activated) Stats saying that my major visitors are using Windows operating system. Look at the images below:Visitors operating system by sitemeterSiteMeter says that my blog visitors are mostly using Linux operating system. They are 46.2 % within all visitor.
My blogs readers using operating systemBut default Stats telling me that my visitors are coming from mainly Windows operating system. They are 56 %. What a contradictory problem! I am not sure which is correct.


  1. Perhaps they started counting on two different dates?

  2. Yes, thameera you are right.


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