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Islam is threating the humanity

Islami terrorists killing peopleDay by day I am really fadeup with islam. Yes I am talking about that so called religion 'Islam'. I feel that a religion should help and teach other to spread love and peace. But islam failed to do that. You may notice that where there is islam or muslim there is a problem.

I don't blogging on religion or islamic terrorism. Though I am feeling disturb with recent situation. How dare they are? Islamic people that means muslims are still threating our world.

There is no any invention made by islam in the science history. There is no any peacefull society made by islam in the world. I just want to know what they give to civilization within last 1500 years.

Muslim did not discover any single needle. They use technology invented by Christians and Jews and say bad words to them. How funny. Muslims are pure hippocratic in their mind.

I did not like recent situation made by muslims for the reason of burning koran. So I am adding a badge, which will aware you about muslim cruelty and islamic terrorism.

Beware Islam is not a real religion nor a lovely literature. It is a theory to killing human and destroy cultural civilization.

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