Report abusive mails

Sometimes you may get an email which is not accepted to you. You are feeling angry to the sender. But what can you do now. Crying or just do nothing? No friend, You can do an active work to punish that criminal. Report that mail address to the provider, explain details what do you want to say and beg justice. Wait sometime, you will get a solution very quickly.

Here is a list of email address which you may use in that ugly situation.
  • Report AOL users to send
  • Report Hotmail spammers to
  • Report Hotmail users to send
  • Report MSN users to send
  • Report Yahoo users to send
  • Report Netscape users to send
  • Report USA.NET users to send
  • Report eBay to send
  • Report to at abuse@outblaze.comsend
  • Report to Amazon at send
  • Report to send
  • Report to send
  • Report any unsolicited email offers to send


  1. Thanks for sharing the links..really useful. I am fedup with useless mails hope this will work.

  2. Thank you too. Spammers are really bad and crazy guy.


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