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Popular Facebook Games

Social City Facebook GameSocial City facebook game
Popular zoo world facebook gameZoo World Facebook Game
Favorite Happy aquarium facebook gameHappy Aquarium Facebook Game
famous cafe world game for facebookCafe World Facebook Game
all time great farmville facebook popular game.Farm Ville Facebook Game
Which is the popular Facebook games? Which games are famous to all Facebook user? Which games are best played at Facebook? Which is a favorite to most facebook user? It is a common question. I have just collected a list of famous Facebook game.
  1. Birthday Cards
  2. FarmVille
  3. Word Challenge
  4. Texas Holdem Poker
  5. Cafe World
  6. Treasure Isle
  7. Mafia Wars
  8. Pet Ville
  9. Happy Aquarium
  10. Fish Ville
  11. Pet Society
  12. Zoo World
  13. Restaurant City
  14. MindJolt Games
  15. Hotel City
  16. Social City
  17. YoVille
  18. Happy Island
  19. Bejeweled Blitz
  20. Country Life
  21. Farm Town
  22. Happy Pets
  23. Island Paradise
  24. Tiki Resort
  25. Bumper Sticker
  26. Bubble Island
I collected this favourite facebook gamelist from Top 50 Most Addictive and Popuplar Facebook mini games. Visit there for details and links. There are a quite same post written by same author 'Phone Thai' at 25 Highly Addictive Facebook Games.


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