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3 tab gadget for blogger blog

I am publishing a new kind of gadget today. This is called 3 tab gadget. There are many kind of tab based gadget box you can use in your blogger blog. But I think this tabbed gadget box is the easiest one. Look at the image below:3 tab gadget blogger blogAfter install it will look like it. Sharp, smart looking, fast loading. No need to do anything in html area. So there is no any chance to do any harm to blog template.

Download the source file from this link. Extract this zipped archive. You will get a text file named: ng-3tabbed-widget.txt

Open this text file with a text editor. Copy all codes with 'Select all' command. Paste all codes in a Html/ Javascript Gadget box at Design>Page Eliments after logging in account.

Save that gadget. Don't name it. Drag the gadget in a suitable place in your sidebar. Save chances.

  • 3 tabs, can be use more tab for more gadget.
  • Tab width : 340px and height: 200 px. You can change these values according to your sidebar size and needs.
  • Changeable color, border, border and tab color.
  • You can change 'New Posts' or 'Comments' changing the perfect code.
You anything goes wrong, please comment or email me. I will try to solve your problem. Thanks

Download the source file by clicking here.
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