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Accessories in my Ubuntu 9.10 machine

Accessories in my Ubuntu 9.10 machineThere are some extra softwares which I installed for testing and understanding new environment. When I visit any ubuntu related site and read about any new program, I installed that in my system. Day by day my default 'Accessories' menu go bigger and bigger.

Here are some of them with default programs:
  • Avant Window Navigator
  • Basket Note Pads
  • Calculator
  • CD/DVD Creator
  • Character Map
  • Disk Usage Analyzer
  • Docky
  • gedit Text Editor
  • GNOME Do
  • DTkHash
  • imageWriter
  • Leafpad
  • Manage Print Jobs
  • Passwords and Encryption Keys
  • Screenlets
  • Search for Files
  • SimDock
  • Take Screenshot
  • Terminal
  • Tomboy Notes
  • VBoxGtk
  • VirtualBox OSE
  • Wammu

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