How to Install Newer onto Older

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS final release is going to publish tomorrow. I know you all Linux/ Ubuntu lovers are waiting for that special moment. After announcement every open source and ubuntu enthusiast will download the newer version and install in their system. I will do same, but thinking the correct method. My asking to myself is 'how do I install newer ubuntu?' I am using Ubuntu 9.10 now. My home folder is full of valuable data. I don't want to lose them all. I know partitioning in Linux. But as a new user I don't know how to install newer Ubuntu 10.04 onto older Ubuntu 9.10? I know that their is a fine solution on this topic. But for last days I cannot remember that way. Some minutes ago I found the way that I can erase older ubuntu but my home folder will be safe.

The solution: At a partitioning stage, I will select 'manual partition' then select root to my older root, swap to older swap and home to the older home folder. I will select 'format' for 'root' and 'swap' partion, not in 'home' partition.

Then newer ubuntu will delete all the information of older ubuntu but 'home' folder will stay intact and safe. On install process installer will not touch 'home' partition because I did not give permission to delete files from it. I just say installer to use it as a home folder. I think I am right. Do you have any suggestion?

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