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Powerful music player "Listen" for Ubuntu

We love to listen our favorite songs in computer. We use various kind of player. Player vary man to man. Someone like 'Winamp', some like 'Jetaudio', but what about if you use Ubuntu. I think we all use "Rhythmbox Music Player" to play music and online radio. I also use it. In the past days I love to use "XMMS". But bad luck, XMMS is not in Ubuntu by default. I found a new music player named "LISTEN". There are many feature in this player. Podcast Management, Shoutcast Directory, Wiki search, Lyric search, Album managemen, Equalizer and many many feature. In my choice the best feature is 'Wikiinfo". If you play a song and if it has any entry in wikipedia then you will get that information only in one click.

You can get the "Event" about that song, the lyric, copyright information, embedding, etc without anyother plubin or software. All are builtin in this nicy player "LISTEN".

There are many kind of Plugins built in for "LISTEN":
  • Playlists order are keeped
  • Fixed some encoding problem when downloading podcast
  • Write a new API to display html
  • New preference window layout
  • Ensured dialog window are open on the top of main window when it was in fullscreen
  • Big code cleanup with pylint
  • Updated gajim api
  • Suppression current playing song from gajim or pidgin status when exiting
  • Fixed flickering in top left screen, when pressing cover button
  • Decreased listen load time a lot
  • Resolved stream end and stop to this track conflic problem
  • Add viewport for webkit
Listen Music Player's PluginsListen Music Player's Plugins

I also like its powerful Equalizer. Controling song's quality is really better then other player.
LISTEN Music Player Equalizer imageLISTEN Music Player Equalizer image

I am hearing the lovely song "That Day" by "Natalie Imbruglia" and get the huge information only with "LISTEN Music player".
That day- Natalie Imbruglia lyric
That day- Natalie Imbruglia - Lyric
That day- Natalie Imbruglia CD CoverThat day- Natalie Imbruglia CD Cover
That day- Natalie Imbruglia in WikipediaThat day- Natalie Imbruglia in Wikipedia
That day- Natalie Imbruglia and Last.fmThat day- Natalie Imbruglia and
There are a little draw back: It takes quite more memory then other player. Rhythmbox use 5.5 mb but Listen use 30 mb of your total system memory.

To get this player in Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic apply the commands below.

32bit: listen_0.6.5-0~ppa1~karmic_i386.deb
64bit: listen_0.6.5-0~ppa1~karmic_amd64.deb
32bit: listen_0.6.5-0~ppa1~jaunty_i386.deb
64bit: listen_0.6.5-0~ppa1~jaunty_amd64.deb
If you add "Listen Music Player" PPA in Synaptic then you don't need to worry about any upcoming updates. To add that PPA just type the command in Terminal and hit Enter.

For Karmic
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:listen-devel/ppa
For Jaunty
sudo bash -c "echo 'deb jaunty main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys AA832887
Use the command below to install in Ubuntu Karmic or Jaunty directly.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install listen
If you are not a Ubuntu user then visit this page for another Linux distro based download.

To see some screenshot, please visit here.

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