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I've just visited some lovely blog

You may notice that today's "Blogs of Note" blog is "The House of Marrakesh". Some minutes ago when I visit to login in my dashboard, I saw this link and visit at that blog. Found it is a very interesting blog. The blogger visited in Morocco and blog about the current event about there staying. I read some posts and enjoyed.

I also followed the links found that blog. All of them are nice and brilliant person. I thought about myself. What a fool I am! I don't know nothing, I have not much ability to write such article and poetry! What a badluck or disability of myself!!

I commented some of the blogs. I don't know how will they take my commenting. Will they thought that I am a alien or bogus boy? Or they hello my visiting? I don't know. I am quite confused.

I think, if they have much time to visit my blog, they will thought that I am a techie blogger. But I want to say that I am not like that. I just know this tricks and want to share with all. I am still reading through the net and my neighbor library. I will share more interesting topic in future.

Today's "Blogs of Note" blog URL:

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