W3 validation problem on new design - Net Gator

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W3 validation problem on new design

W3 validation problem on new design

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Net Gator blog's validation problem in w3 markup validation serviceYou know last day I have redesign my blog with blogger designer. Today I checked this template in W3 validator. Here is the link. And I am atonised with the result. The validator page give me result that

Sorry! This document can not be checked.

I am quite confused. Why this kind of message it is giving me? Is the new template is not w3 complaint? Is this template not valid? I know that previous template even the Blogger's default template is show error in w3 validator, don't pass in validation. I also know that Wordpress templates are valid in w3 Markup Validation Service. So I changed my blogs template to get place in right way. But alas! New templates are not valid too.

I don't know whom I should ask this thing. Is there any Blogger authority who answer my problem?

You can download the result in PDF file.
Download Link
pdf file on zip. File size: 119 KB.

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