Create 'Documents' 'Desktop' 'Downloads' 'Music' 'Video' folder shortcut icon on LXDE desktop

Create 'Documents' folder icon in desktop of LXDE Lubuntu salix peppermint archlinux opensuse fedora gentoo vector zorin porteus
'Documents' folder icon in desktop of LXDE Lubuntu
In this post I will tell you how to create 'Documents' shortcut icon or launcher in desktop on LXDE based Linux distribution like Lubuntu, Salix, Peppermint ,Archlinux, Opensuse, Fedora, Gentoo, Vectorlinux, Zorin, Porteus etc. Here is the simplest method.

Open terminal from Main menu or pressing "Alt+Ctrl+t". Run the command below. No need to use 'sudo'.
cd Desktop ln -s ~/ Documents 
Press Enter. A 'Documents' folder shortcut icon/ launcher has been created in your LXDE desktop.

In this way you can create  'Desktop' 'Downloads' 'Music' 'Video' folder shortcut icon on any LXDE desktop.

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  1. cd Desktop ln -s ~/ Documents doesn't work for me Lubuntu 13.10


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