Gwibber User Guide [Download]

Gwibber is a great application that manage many social networks in one window.

Gwibber support various social site like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, StatusNet, Qaiku, FriendFeed,, Buzz, and You do not need to login on each site to do job actively. Just use Gwibber and explore. Though I don't use this amazing tool, but it is really helpful to those who has plenty of friends and activity online.

This online tool is really helpful on the subjects below:
  • Managing several social networks.
  • Experiencing information overload and needing to filter content from your
  • multiple social networks.
  • Struggling to keep up with all updates from your social networks.
  • Looking for a job and following potential employers on various social
  • networks.
  • Using social networks to reach potential clients.
  • Marketing your company or your professional services through social
  • networks.
  • Advertising your blog to increase exposure and traffic.
If you still do not know about 'Gwibber', then here is a little handbook for you to download. It contain only 48 pages, but has lots of information on every feature.

Download 'Gwibber user guide' from this direct link:
File size: only 1.8 M.B.

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