10 GnoMenu Themes and A Button

You might read my previous article named Alternative menu for Ubuntu GnoMenu and 7like theme for GnoMenu. Today I am sharing some more theme and a button with you.

At first I am introducing a button called 'Soviet' button. A dream is still alive in many peoples mind. This is my first gift to them.

Soviet button for GnoMenuSoviet button for GnoMenu

Download Soviet button from here.

Metal Lex GnoMenu themeMetal Lex GnoMenu theme

Get Metal Lex GnoMenu theme from this link.

Willdust GnoMenu ThemeWilldust GnoMenu Theme

Collect Will dust GnoMenu theme at here

Ubista GnoMenu themeUbista GnoMenu theme

Download Ubista GnoMenu theme from here.

Icon Menu GnoMenu themeIcon Menu v2 GnoMenu Theme

Download Icon Menu in this link.

Desu sheets death note anime gnomenu themeDesu_Sheets (Death-Note) Anime 1.0 GnoMenu Theme

Desu_Sheets (Death-Note) Anime 1.0 GnoMenu Theme download link.

Element GnoMenu themeElement GnoMenu Theme

Element Gnome theme download link

Dark Candy GnoMenu themeDark Candy GnoMenu Theme

Dark Candy Gnomenu theme download here.

Buuf Gnomenu themeBuuf GnoMenu Theme

Buuf theme download now.

Bluesmall gnomenu themeBluesmall GnoMenu Theme

Bluesmall GnoMenu theme download here.

Elemental avio gnomenu themeElemental Avio GnoMenu Theme

Elemental Avio GnoMenu theme download now.

How to install GnoMenu theme?
I wrote the full process at this post "Alternative menu for Ubuntu GnoMenu". I am telling here in short.
Most of these GnoMenu theme comes in a .tar.gz file. Click on 'install' button on GnoMenu options Themes tab, browse to that .tar.gz file and click OK.

If you get any theme comes in a zip archive, then extract it. You should get a .tar.gz archive.
I don't know whether these are best or better GnoMenu theme or not. If you feel these themes quite nice, useful or feature rich then other, then my choice will get a success.

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