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No required driver detected for unity [Solved]

I have wrote a post on 12 October that Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook is not start in Desktop Hardware. I tried to run Ubuntu 10.10 netbook ISO on Virtual Box OSE.

Actually the problem caused by non 3d graphics driver. I did not install any 3d support on Virtual Box. So I saw the message "No required driver detected for unity". If you install any 3d graphics driver on Virtual box, Ubuntu 10.10. netbook will run there.

Later I burnt that ISO file on a CD and running Ubuntu 10.10 netbook in my desktop computer and posting this blogpost. No problem. Everything is fast and funny. I am writing a post on Ubuntu 10.10 netbook after publishing this post. Pleaser follow next post.

My suggestion to you that, run it in a desktop or laptop machine. If your gadget is a newer one then I wish you can run UNR on it. But if your computer's hardware cannot run any 3d acceleration then Unity desktop won't run and goes back into 2d mode. You have to install a suitable 3d driver for your video card manually. Please read this Unity Hardware Requirement page for the minimal requirements and details. You can install a driver (has 3d support) after intall UNR on harddisk.

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