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BitMeter: An open bandwidth monitor

BitMeter OS is a great tool to monitor or keep track of internet/ network connection. It is free to use and open-source. This remote bandwidth monitor tool will monitor bandwidth. It works on any platform like Linux, Mac OSX or Windows. From now you will know how much you spend time online. You can view this information in a variety of ways.
BitMeter OS MonitorBitmeter OS Monitor
BitMeter OS SummaryBitMeter OS Summary
BitMeter OS HistoryBitMeter OS History
BitMetes OS is still in beta version. Before download you can try it in this webpage.

  • Get a quick summary.
  • Notify you when you cross your bandwith limit.
  • You can retrieve data from custom date range.
  • History of amount of data uploaded and downloaded.
  • The data can also be downloaded as a CSV file.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Web based
  • Easy way to backup.
You can monitor the bandwidth usage of a computer on a network remotely. Allow the target computer to accept incoming connection at a specific port (port 2506).

Small home and office network might make a look on this demo site. Check test all your requirement within seconds and make decision.
This demo displays dummy data generated by the codebox server. When installed on your computer these graphs will show the upload and download speeds of your internet connection.
All the data is logged into a single database file which can be found on "bitmeter.db" file. Official Website to download and grab more information and various kind of tool.

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