Peppermint OS made me sorrow

In this moment I am downloading Peppermint OS with Downloader for X download manager. Last week I have faced some problem with various Linux based Operating system. I use Nokia e51 to connect internet. In ubuntu I found my cell phone automatically and setup as "Mobile broadband ". I am searching a light, stable linux distro to operate a older pc. So I downloaded more then 20 distro to check. Most of them failed to detect Nokia e51 and I cannot able to connect with internet. Searching some days I choose PCLinuxOS to install in harddisk. I checked all downloaded OS (.iso files) in "Virtual Box OSE". PuppyLinux is better. It can detect and make ready to run my Nokia phone with some tweaking. But I found firefox bug is still in puppylinux. They failed to solve this problem (Sudden close, Crashed, Hanging).

My badluck "PCLinux OS" also failed to configure my nokia cell phone. Now I am trying to test "PepperminsOS". Downloading it and come to their forum to check my phone's state. Please view the image below (Click on image to see bigger screenshot or peppermint os forum). You'll notice that some questions are not answering for more then one month.
peppermint forum network section screenshotWhat a abstract form it is?!!&$()#$?

In their homepage (Pepperment team), they said that
Team Peppermint is committed to welcoming new Linux users, offering them a product that is fast, easy to understand, and offering them an arena to experiment with Linux and all the while offering avenues to educate them further. Empowering the planet with Linux is our goal. Will you join us in this journey? We certainly hope so….
I will say you more after compleating download. And yes, I will rin pepperminsos first in 'Virtual Box'.


  1. Hi there, I'm Rich_Roast, a moderator on the Peppermint OS forum.

    I am sorry to hear that you have been unable to find advance information on your phone/modem solution by consulting our forum. Please bear in mind that we have only been up for about two months, now, and as such it is not surprising that nobody has posted about your specific hardware as yet.

    Please see this thread as a guide about modem manager. On the latest respin, modem manager is installed by default and will hopefully provide a convenient way for you to use your mobile broadband solution.

    If it does not, please feel free to ask about your problem by registering with the <a href=">forum</a> and asking your question on the networking board. The user community and the team will try to find a solution as best we can.

    Funniest thing, the screenshot to the forum you provide seems to contradict your statement that "some questions are not answering for more than one month". On the contrary, the last post visible in your screenshot was addressed by myself within the past month, and actual inspection of the networking board reveals that those threads which are older have become dormant, i.e. we are waiting for confirmation or response from the OP.

    I wish you well in trying Peppermint OS and in all your computing endeavours.

  2. Thank you Rich Roast, your comment made me proud about my blogging. After downloading "Peppermint" I found that it has 'network manager' like ubuntu. So I am confident that this will work for me. My mobile phone will auto ditect by this applet in Ubuntu. So the same thing will happen in 'Peppermint' too.

    I am sorry that I tell something bad about 'Peppermint' before downloading it. But I said honestly that I have tried some more distribution before days. I check them in virtual box and install them in harddisk to. I am not a geeky person so can not configure my mobile phone with them. So viewing 'Peppermint OS' forum i thought that it will be the same issue for me. But now I understood that there is no any post about that problem because nobody facing any problem about this (Mobile broadband) with 'Peppermint'.
    I checked 'Peppermint' in Vbox. will install it in hd within some days. in this moment i am in fever, cough, sneezing, headache a genuine viral attack.

    Thank you again for comment in my simple blog.


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