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Install .sh files in Ubuntu

I am a fan of Seti@Home. So I need to install Boinc client. Boinc give us a .sh file to install. You know I am using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04. This is a debian based Linux. And we know that debian based distro use .deb extension as a installation file. But Boinc sofware is sharing as .sh file. I search the web and found that it is not much hard as I thought.
  • Just run
  • sudo sh
  • then enter your root password.
  • That script will run and give you a message about the action.
  • Very easy. Nah!


  1. Not quite right...
    cd into the folder
    $ chmod 755 (to make it executable)
    $ ./
    (this will unpack it)

    1. WOW!! it worked. Thanks a lot.


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