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There are only 13 day to world cup football at south Africa. Whole world is waiting 4 years for this greatest show on earth. Our planet is suffering in world-cup fever. Virtual world is ready for this show too. World cup latest update, who are winning, goal number, strikers, who are the best, where are players staying, which hotel, where are they practicing - everybody want to know this news as there search result. No one is staying calm in this exciting moment. Many websites are ready for World-cup Football 2010. Today we will discuss about some of them in this post. I just want to provide some information about the events surrounding the South Africa from 11 June to 11 July in 2010. I know about hungry audience so do not want to late anymore to share this little information.

FIFA (Federation International Football Association): It is official management of world football. There are a countdown clock at their website. Only … days, …. hours and …. minutes are rest for the beginning.

Web URL:

They are always updating latest news. There is no any substitute of internet. So football lovers are spending more time in internet now. You can get all information in 6 languages. This site is very popular to get about worldcup footbal. You will get latest news, list of groups, news on specific country, want to buy ticket, and many more. Not on this. South Africa is also in this website from all view. You will get information on older world cups. You will get images of star players. You have option to comment in their blog or newspost. There are a funny game named "Worldcup Fantasy". This is an another source of latest world cup 2010 south Africa news. You can get latest news about your favorite world-cup news in this famous news site. Famous football personality will write blogposts here.

World cup 2010 online
c. AFP This is quite same site like others. Countdown is still counting here. Watching game video you can involve in a computer football games online. ESPN is a famous sports channel. So I think there is no any saying about their activity. You can read various kind of football related blog in this EA Sports site. Football players, management officials are writing here. There are various movements in this site about world-cup Football 2010. Can view some video in a few blog posts.

CNN has started a blog in microblogging site twitter. The named it “ WorldCupCNN” Goal has huge information on goal. Not only about 'GOAL' this site has many information about football. You can get latest live result in this site.

Cape town stadium
Cape town stadium They have made a great opportunity to view matches live in their website. Latest world cup news, starts comment also be available here. Times online is a famous newspaper. They are starting a news portal on world-cup 2010. Get more information about premier league news, match result in this site.
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World cup Football Guardian also ready with their blog post, news, match news, venue etc. Get some more information about matches, venue, hotels, ticketing from here. In this moment (when I am writing this post) I found that this site focusing more on keyword 'Tickets'. Zambian government also very much keen to show their effort. In this site you are shared with 'News', '2010 Image Gallery', 'Fan Information', '2010 Video Gallery', Know some information about the world-cup 2010 Stadiums from this site.

I will come with more information about world cup 2010 in my next post.

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