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My Graphics Menu in Ubuntu 9.10

Graphic Menu in Ubuntu Linux 9.10I am going to write a series of post which will tell about the softwares that I used in my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. I thought this is important to me. Because before install new Ubuntu 10.04 I need to backup a software list. So that I can install them again in my new system. First of all I am writing about my 'Graphics' menu.

Everybody know that canonical did not include 'Gimp Image Editor' in Lucid.

Here is my Graphic Menu list:
  1. F-Spot Photo Manager
  2. GIMP Image Editor
  3. GNU Paint
  4. Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor
  5. KRuler
  6. Mirage
  7. mtPaint graphic editor
  8. Drawing
  9. Phatch PHoto bATCH Processor & Renamer
  10. Simple Scan
  11. XPaint
  12. XSane Image Scanner

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