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Use Blogger to Upload Javascript (.js) files

Sometimes we need to use Javascript (.js) files to decorate our blog. Javascript files add extra feature or extra styling in a blogger blog. Normally if anybody have their own hosting they use that place to upload javascript files. But we are using free blogger/ blogspot blog. We have not any hosting in online. So where do we upload and javascript files?

I use Googlesites to upload such kind of external files. But if a blog has huge traffic then all settings will be fall. Because GoogleSites has no unlimited bandwidth. Then, this is a problem how do we solve this.

Oh yes friend. Don't be worry. It is very easy method.
Download any javascript file in your conputer. Open it in wordpad or leafpad. Select all and copy them and paste all code in the way I give the method below.
<script type='text/javascript'>




Add this code in the blogger template. Don't worry, everything will be work fine.
How easy, NA!

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