Anticapitalist Leftist bookmarks on antix iceape

anticapitalist leftist bookmarks on antix operating system iceape web-suitI found some anticapitalist and leftist site on antiX os's iceape's bookmark. Here are the list I am publishing now.
I like to regularly visit all site and blog. I know Marxists internet archive, Monthly Review and The counter punch from years. I also got DVD from Marxists archive. I wish to discover and visit more and more leftist site and blog. If you know any anticapitalist or leftist website link, please share with me by a comment.

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I am Maxim. Like to gather knowledge and share them with you. I learn everyday. I love Linux, specially Linux Mint, Live on Science, Nature, Read Books and Literature, Inspired by Technology and regularly Disturbed by Politics. I want to focus on all of them.
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